The library offers public access computers for Internet, word processing, office software, and other applications. Staff will help patrons to find what they need online.

Internet Access

Responsible use of the Internet includes the following:

  • Accessing websites with content that is appropriate for all ages
  • Refraining from any activity that harasses or insults other people
  • Using resources for educational, recreational and informational purposes and not for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes
  • Refraining from using online gambling websites to place bets with real currency
  • Respecting the privacy of others using public access workstations and not interfering with their use
  • Refraining from installing software or modifying software settings
  • Making only authorized copies of copyright or licensed software or data
  • Respecting time limits for using the Internet and yielding to waiting patrons
  • Speaking at a reasonable volume and being courteous to other patrons

Guidelines for using the Internet at the Atikokan Public Library

  • Internet workstations are available for use on a sign-in basis
  • Time slots may be booked in person or over the phone
  • Use is limited to thirty minutes if someone else is waiting to use the terminal
  • Users must leave the workstation when their time is up if someone else is waiting

Users may print their information at the set charge of 25 cents per page.


The Atikokan Public Library Board will not be responsible for any charges incurred by users of the Internet.


Misuse of the computer or Internet access can result in the loss of computer privileges and may result in expulsion from the library premises for a period to be determined by the CEO. Patrons who attempt to use Atikokan Public Library’s workstations in an unacceptable manner or for unlawful purposes may have their library privileges revoked and may be prosecuted.