Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?
The library staff will be happy to assist you with your membership. You will need an address and phone number. Residents of town receive a card for free. Non-residents pay a fee of $35 per year. You will receive your card right away and begin checking out materials immediately. You do not need a card to participate in programs. However, to access the library computers, patrons will use their library card number to log-in. If you do not have a library card, staff can administer temporary log-in numbers.
How do I find a book or other item?
The online library catalogue is accessible on the library’s website. You can search for items by title, author or subject. Ask the library staff to help you find any item.
How do I register for a program?
Call the library, visit the library and speak to the staff to add your name to a registration list. Not all programs require registration, but those that do have a limited number of spaces available.
How many items can I borrow at once?
There is no limit to the number of books a patron can borrow. Audio books on CD are limited to ten, and DVDs are limited to two check-outs per card.
When are my items due back at the library?
Books and audio books on CD, can be borrowed for three weeks. DVD movies can be borrowed for two days, and DVD TV series and educational DVDs can be borrowed for one week.
How do I download e-books and audio books?
The library website has a link to the Overdrive digital library. Here you enter your library card number to access the Overdrive system which has a broad selection of e-books and audio-books available for download. From here you install Adobe Digital Editions to manage your e-books on your PC and transfer them to a portable device. An App is available for most mobile devices. For more information, ask library staff. Step by step how-to sheets are available at the library.
How do I renew my items?
You can renew your items in three possible ways. You can visit the library and request to renew your items, you can call the library to request renewal your items, and you can access your library account through the website to renew items yourself at any time. Items can be renewed twice. The PIN is “books”.
Does the library have computers available for public use?
Yes, the library’s public computers can be used for Internet, word processing and other tasks. Patrons can log-in using their library card number, or, if they do not have a library card, staff can administer temporary log-in numbers.
Does the library provide a wireless Internet connection for my device?
Yes, the library has free wireless Internet in the building during library hours.
Does the library offer print services?
Yes we offer black and white and colour print services. Click here for pricing.
Does the library laminate items?
Yes, we can laminate items up to twenty four inches across. Click here for pricing.
Does the library sell used books?

Yes the Friends of the Library have books for sale in the upstairs corner. Gigantic books sales are held twice a year.

Can I request that the library purchase a book?

Yes, request forms are available. Not every request is guaranteed to be purchased. You may also request the library try and borrow an item from other libraries within the province.

Can I have food and drink in the library?

The only place where food and drink are not allowed is the computer room.

Are pets allowed in the library?
No. Service animals are permitted.
Can I write an exam at the library?
Yes, the library staff will proctor exams.
Can I view microfilm?
Yes, the microfilm reader allows you to view microfilm and microfiche.
Is computer/device help available?
Yes, you can make an appointment with the library staff to learn more about computers, Internet, tablets and/or other devices.