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We have more DIY days for all you crafty adults coming up next month! See the ad's below, and be sure to call and register to secure your spot! We have DIY Mesh Christmas trees, and Gift in A Jar! ...

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The 6 Reasons You'll Get the Job

The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job: What Employers Look for–Whether They Know It or Not

What Are Employers Really Looking for? It’s Not What You Think. More people than ever are applying for the same few jobs. Surfing job boards and submitting a dozen résumés a day just doesn’t work. The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job shows you exactly...
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The Wonderful Future That Never Was

The Wonderful Future That Never Was: Flying Cars, Mail Delivery by Parachute, and Other Predictions from the Past

Between 1903 and 1969, scientists and other experts made hundreds of predictions in Popular Mechanics magazine about what the future would hold. Their forecasts ranged from ruefully funny to eerily prescient and optimistically utopian. Here are the very best of them,...
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The Great Movies III

The Great Movies III (Great Movies)

Roger Ebert has been writing film reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times for over four decades now and his biweekly essays on great movies have been appearing there since 1996. As Ebert noted in the introduction to the first collection of those pieces, “They are not the...
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The Accidental Billionaires

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal

The high-energy tale of how two socially awkward Ivy Leaguers, trying to increase their chances with the opposite sex, ended up creating Facebook. Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg were Harvard undergraduates and best friends–outsiders at a school filled with...
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The Thorn

The Thorn (Rose Trilogy #1)

Lancaster County, with its rolling meadows and secret byways, may seem idyllic, but it is not without its thorns. THE ROSE TRILOGY is the stirring saga of two Amish sisters on the fringes of the church, and the unforeseen discoveries that change their lives. Rose...
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Penelope's Daughter

Penelope’s Daughter

With her father Odysseus gone for twenty years, Xanthe barricades herself in her royal chambers to escape the rapacious suitors who would abduct her to gain the throne. Xanthe turns to her loom to weave the adventures of her life, from her upbringing among servants...
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, Compendium 1 (The Walking Dead: Compendium editions #1)

Introducing the first eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times Best Seller series collected into one massive paperback collection. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living. With The Walking Dead #1-48, this compendium features more...
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Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After (Bride Quartet #4)

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac—the founders of Vows, one of Connecticut’s premier wedding planning companies. Parker Brown turned the quartet’s childhood game...
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Fired Up

Fired Up (Arcane Society, #7) (Dreamlight Trilogy #1)

More than three centuries ago, Nicholas Winters irrevocably altered his genetic makeup in an obsession-fueled competition with alchemist and Arcane Society founder Sylvester Jones. Driven to control their psychic abilities, each man’s decision has reverberated...
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Sanctuary Line

Sanctuary Line

Told through delicate and masterful narration, Jane Erquhart’s new novel, Sanctuary Line, seamlessly weaves together fragments of present day farm life on the shores of Lake Erie with harrowing snapshots of deep family turmoil marred by stains of death and...
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